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Pardee, Abe
Aug 21 1:52 PM PDT
Post #7
Jason Day is Fun!
Hohlen, John
Mar 12 9:27 PM PDT
Post #6
Yes. I'll be posting a message shortly.
Atrat, Kyle
Mar 12 9:08 PM PDT
Post #5
Will golfer picked for The Players be available for later dates?.... please
Trautmann, Kyle
Jan 28 3:36 PM PST
Post #4
Atrat, Kyle
Jan 16 7:27 PM PST
Post #3
Oohhh shhhiitttttt!!!!! BD coming in hot slamming the Trat Bros. BTW what's the over under anyone uses this message board?
Pallesen, Dan
Jan 15 9:04 AM PST
Post #2
Special thanks to the Atrat brothers for holding down last place!
Pallesen, Dan
Jan 08 1:21 PM PST
Post #1
I love that we have a message board to use. And if Xander could have hit a putt on 18 on Sunday, I'd be talking a lot more smack! But pretty much all of you were able to enter picks for last week. If you run into any trouble this week feel free to hit me up. Email me at daniel.l.pallesen@gmail.com or just shoot me a text: (619) 857-8915. It's super easy for me to enter a pick for you.